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Are there any non Asian fight choreographers worth a damn?


Meet Larnell Stovall…

You know all those good American martial art films like “Undisputed 2,” “Undisputed 3,” “Blood and Bone” and that amazing short Mortal Kombat video? Well he choreographed all of them.
He was also a “guest choreographer” on “The Raid 2.” So, put simply, Larnell Stovall is a beast and easily on of the greatest martial arts talents working today.

Meet John Salvitti…

Salvitti is, essentially, Donnie Yen’s protege. He’s worked with him on “Tiger Cage 2,” “Blade 2,” “Flash Point,” “Special ID” and “Iceman 3D.” He’s actually severely unsung as far as choreography goes and can often be seen working with Yen. Especially in regards to his more MMA styled stuff.

Meet Eric Jacobus…

Front man, founder and choreographer of The Stunt People, Jacobus has putting out consistently amazing choreography for years. In fact, his stuff is some of the greatest modern old school-ish stuff there is.
He should have been given a massive budget years ago as I imagine he could make something seriously special.

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