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So I was trying to get a burrito.

Wait. Don’t you love it when I begin my stories with minor quests for food?

Anyways, so I was trying to get a burrito, and the gentleman making my burrito kept staring at me, which kind of cuts into his skills of making my damn burrito.

Finally, he revealed the thought that was keeping him from reaching the master level of burrito making.

"Hey, do you do music?"

"Hmm? I responded.

"I mean, are you in a band or something?"

"Oh, no, I’m not. Just a music lover. I get that a lot though."

"Yeah, yeah, you remind me of that drummer fro—"

"The Roots!" I knew where this was going. So I crossed the road for him. "?uestlove."

"YEAH YEAH! Do you like the Roots?"

"I love them. Saw them live once. Put on a hell of a show. And Undun was simply the wonderful soundtrack to a beautiful tragedy."


"I mean, they’re pretty dope."

And the moral of this story is that I should always let people who make my burritos be distracted with my The Roots cover band look. Cause that burrito was simply THE BEST, I’ve ever had.

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Here is pixandwords looking majestic with his cape billowing in the wind.

Reblogging again because:

A.) Having that cape flow in the wind was so fun.


B.) I’m the fabolous hero that Tumblr doesn’t deserve, but got anyway.

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Geek Spotlight: My Little Panel: An Outsider’s Brief Look Into MLP



I shouldn’t have been there. 

Day three of the San Diego Comic-Con, and I was starting it off again waiting in line for a panel. You either wait hours to get into one or swim through a sea of people just to get from one point to another. It doesn’t take long to become familiar.

Up since six that morning, my body fought between soreness and sleepiness, never really deciding what type of minor misery it wanted to wear. I was grumpy, standing there with my arms folded in their best Ebeneezer Scrooge impression. Meanwhile, my buddy Ryan bounced with the energy of a six-year-old a day before Christmas, engaging in friendly chatter with others in line.

Makes sense considering that today’s plethora of con activities for us was starting with Hasbro’s My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic panel.

I was about to get a crash course on this show and its fans.

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I wrote this, so a certain follower should actually be happy. In fact, I’m sure he’ll be cackling his arse off.

I know, I’ll never change. I’ll keep making the same mistakes and f*cking up through stupid decisions because that’s what I do.

And through some dumb luck, I’ll barely survive whatever troubles come my way by the skin of my teeth, never realizing that whatever solution I’ve chosen is just another domino that will fall and trigger another bad incident.

For every person that’s told me that they’re going nowhere with me, or I’ll just drag them down, they were right.


It doesn’t mean that I won’t keep trying.

I’m stubborn and stupid to be optimistic that ultimately I can change.

When you’re on a wheel with no sign of getting off, you can either wait to die or just keep running.

And I get bored of waiting.

We’re holding a Journalism Camp all week for high schoolers.

Today, I had to host a panel on Newspaper Layout and Design, which amuses me to the point of manly giggles.

I figure I’m the last person in the world to talk about newspaper layout and design, and even more unqualified to tame a room of high school teenagers.

But it went better than expected.

Most of the kids were interested in what I was talking about. And ten of them want to continue to do layout and design for our newspaper throughout the year, which is awesome, seeing as how 99 percent of students last year wanted to only write when I started this gig last semester.

And as a bonus, I shocked a kid on my knowledge of Attack on Titan. The lesson I had for them, was to create their own news page in Adobe InDesign. She decided to create a page dedicated to the popularity of Attack On Titan.

She was surprised I knew about it.

Come on.

I’m not that old. Besides, my image just screams “Blacker nerd than Childish Gambino cosplaying as Steve Urkel.”

Oh and as for your burning question, a manly giggle is when your mouth emits a type of rapid, yet small laugh, a dragon jumps out of your throat…with chainsaws.