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Spotlight: Zen And The Art Of Playing “Dark Souls”: Five Lessons About Adulthood From A Game



Life is brutal. The same could be said for Dark Souls.

So what exactly can playing the game teach you about being an adult? Calvin shares 5 lessons that he’s learned.


Hey everyone! Remember a few days ago when I told you about that advice guide with Dark Souls? Well here it is! If you’ve got some time to spare, please take a look at it and comment. Even if you’re not a fan of Dark Souls, you might still find it interesting.

When you find this in your ask share 5 random facts about yourself and pass it on to your 10 favorite followers (that's the last time I respond to a chain letter)

Five random facts?


1.)  The first anime I remember seeing at like age 8 or 9 was Vampire Hunter D.

2.) I once injured my hand by punching a car window as hard as I could. The car belonged to an old acquaintance of mine, as he locked his keys in and suggested that I break in to retrieve them. I was drunk at the time. Very very very drunk. And nearly broke my hand. Instead, we found a wrench in some dude’s pickup truck and I smashed the window.

3.) I’ve been kicked out of a police station and a strip club before. I was sober on one of those occasions while uh..”not sober” during the other. Both incidents weren’t my fault though.

4.) I used to kick my dad’s ass in NBA Jam so bad when I was a kid. One time, he called in sick for work and stayed in my room all day playing NBA Jam. When I got home, he told me to forget my homework, and pick up the controller. He won. A Lot. At least that day.

5.) I took guitar lessons once, and had the coolest teacher. The first songs he taught me was Cream’s “Sunshine Of Your Love,” Black Sabbath’s “Heaven And Hell,” and Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun.”

The Best Of The Best Part 2013: Roundhouse Death Kick List


Another year online.

More bullshit.

Racism still remained a trendy accessory for the horribly ignorant or just plain ignorant. Social Justice Warriors continued to fight the good fight through half-baked ideology and half-assed Google-searches. And fandoms decided to #point out the particulars of #non-particular scenes of their #favorite shows, #movies, and #anime with #hash tags.

Oh but it’s not like 2013 was a horrible year even though the previous paragraph would suggest otherwise.

Honest folks, I just wear grumpy curmudeon like an ill-fit tie.

2013 was a banner year for music, so much so that I’ve decided to throw in my own two cents as to what rocked my boxers.

Throughout tonight and the rest of this week, I’ll be posting and talking about the year’s best. 

Now look, this isn’t some “professional” list from a “legit” publication. It’s not some Pabst-drenched list written from the thick-rimmed eyes of Pitchfork or Spin.

This is something much better.

So the semester for me is over finally.

I’ve got a few ideas kicking in my head, and I need to also keep working on my final project to graduate. So I may be making a few trips to school.

So remember that idea I had for my flash class? To make like a media-rich magazine?

I pulled it off!

Well, sort of?

I built the pages in InDesign, then added video, audio, and slide shows on the pages with Flash. Just couldn’t get the pages to give the effect of turning like a paper magazine. My navigation just took them from page to page.

My teacher seemed to like it when I presented it. My classmates hated me for “making them look bad.”


Don’t know what my final grade in that class is yet, but it shouldn’t be below a B.

And I completely aced my Advanced Media Writing Class.

I know it’s hard to fathom because of the grammar and structure mistakes I make in my writing, but your boy actually has skill.

Why do you think the last half of my name is “andwords.”

Well, actually it’s a long story. My mom was completely out of it when she gave birth to me, which naturally should be expected. I mean you’re not going to bring a human into this world then feel like you can run a marathon.

Anyway, the nurse asked her “What would you like to name him?”

Her eyelids nearly hooded over, and head struggling to keep itself away from the pillow, my mother uttered “andwords.”

And that’s how it happened.

The first part, pix, is actually a nickname I earned while participating in a Kumite while 15.

But that’s a story for another time.